Self-distributing your Film. A Real Plus!

Many filmmakers today are opting to self-distribute their films for the following reasons:

1. They will hopefully be able to book their film in a New York and/or Los Angeles cinema on their own.
2. They will retain rights to their film.
3. They will maximize their income.
4. They will control their costs.

Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program was designed to provide all of the necessary features to successfully and economically self-distribute your film.

For one set price (listed on our website) our program includes the following:
  • A full one-week run in New York and/or Los Angeles theatre (you keep 100% of the box office income).
  • The services of our publicist to contact the major film critics, write and send press releases, and compile and distribute production notes.
  •  Encoding and submitting the film to the major digital platforms and Cable VOD stations.
  • Marketing DVDs of your film to schools and libraries.
  • Setting up a Google AdWords campaign.
  • Marketing your film in the major overseas markets.
  • Setting up an Oscar Qualifying Run in New York and/or Los Angeles.
 Call, e-mail, or write if you would like to receive a FREE copy of our INFORMATION KIT which contains many tips on self-distribution and Order Forms.


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