Film Distribution – Four Vital Questions

When filmmakers evaluate our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program, and before they sign our agreement, they usually ask themselves four questions:

  • Do I need the features?
  • Are they worth the money?
  • Can CINEMAflix deliver the goods?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the people handling my film?

All our efforts, and our goals, are fully focused on ensuring that the answer to each question is a resounding YES!

We feel we offer the most comprehensive package, a package that includes the following: a full one-week run at the Cinema Village in New York and/or a Laemmle theater in Los Angeles (you keep 100% of the box office income); a publicist to write and mail press releases, compile and distribute production notes, and to contact the major film critics; encoding and submitting the film to the major digital platforms and Cable VOD outlets; marketing DVDs of the film to the retail chains, schools, and libraries; setting up an Oscar qualifying run in New York and/or Los Angeles; marketing the film overseas; and much more.These are important features that are all included for one low set price. Our website,, includes more information and our costs.

I was the President of the QUAD CINEMA in New York for 42 years. I am very proud of my record in helping thousands (yes, thousands) of filmmakers to successfully and economically launch their films. Also, Iā€™m totally hands-on and very accessible.

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