NY Theatrical Package

independent film distribution

Price includes:

  • Theatrical Run. A full one week run at the Cinema Village, minimum of 4 shows daily. Projection can be in either Blu Ray, DVD, or DCP. The theater will be available from 1:00 pm to midnight daily. You’ll receive  100% of the box office income payable within 30 days after the run ends.
  • Publicist. Our well-connected publicist will contact the film critics, write and send press releases, set up interviews (when possible), outreach your film to selective organizations and clubs, and compile and distribute production notes.
  • Digital Platforms. We’ll encode, QC (Quality Control), and submit your film to the major digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, Sony Playstation, FandangoNow, Vudu, TubiTV, Netflix (for select films) and Hoopla. More platforms to follow. Your film, once listed on these platforms, will be available in almost every country in the world. Also, unlike a theatrical run, your film can remain on these platforms for a very long time.
  • Cable VOD (Video-on-Demand). We have arrangements with the two major cable companies in the U.S.: Time Warner Cable (Spectrum) and Comcast (Xfinity). These companies could give your film access to over 40 million households in the U.S.
  • No Risk DVD Sales. DVDs of your film will be marketed to retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries. Your film will be prepared and placed on secure servers, making it available for purchase and/or distribution on an on-demand basis. No inventory to maintain, no warehousing, no missed business opportunities, no waste.


Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street
New York, N.Y. 10011

Built in 1963 in the shell of a turn-of-the century fire station, it is probably the oldest continuously operated cinema in New York. With three auditoriums, the Cinema Village has a worldwide reputation for showing the best in independent feature, foreign, and documentary films. Click here to read Theater Specs.


Theater #1 (156 Seats): U.S.$13,600.00

Theater #2 or Theater #3 (67 Seats): U.S.$11,700.00

The theater’s 5-Star YELP rating has generated comments like these:

“Here’s why I’m a fan. The Cinema Village is a fine purveyor of films covering all genres from across the globe. At one visit, one can see a buzz-worthy film coming straight from Cannes or a thought-provoking documentary that will open your mind to the whole world.” Bryce R., Clark, New Jersey.

“When I go to the movies. I like to go to the Cinema Village. Why? It’s simple. Cleanliness. Fair-priced concessions. Interesting movies that I just can’t see anywhere else.” Tom T., Ridgewood, New York.

“Small theaters that produce big results.” Tina C., Queens, N.Y.

“I can always count on the Cinema Village to host indie flicks we crave. The theater is always clean and the lobby charming. Old-school movie-going at its best.” AC, North Haven, Connecticut

“A little neighborhood theater, that shows independent, artistic, thought-provoking films, rather than the shlock you’ll see at the multiplexes. It’s what makes New York great.” Pamela S., New York City.