No Risk DVD Sales

dvd sales

DVDs are still a billion dollar business. With our no-risk DVD Sales feature (included in our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Package), it’s a golden opportunity  every filmmaker should pursue.

online film distributionOur focus is to market DVDs of your film to the major retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries, where the potential is the greatest.



  • On Demand. Your film will be prepared and placed on secure servers, making it available for purchase and/or distribution on an ON DEMAND basis via the Internet 24/7/365.  The process completely eliminates out-of-stock and back order frustrations and makes obsolete inventory a thing of the past. No inventory, no warehousing, no missed business opportunities.
  • Film will be burned, disc art printed, wrap  art printed, and packaged in retail Amaray-style cases.
  • Retailers and wholesalers can order DVDs online. A single point-and-click transaction triggers the order, initiates production, schedules the shipping, and collects the money. DVDs are shipped to buyers the same day.
  • Even the most obscure titles can be digitized, stored, and delivered.


  • Metadata. The metadata template will be used to deliver your title and its information to a wide range of retailers and wholesalers. Information about the actors, director, special features of the film, and a well-written synopsis will help sell your film.
  • Hi-Rez Logo. To be used on sell sheets, brochures, and promotions.
  • A Company Bio.
  • Demographics. What are the markets for your film by age, background, and buying power.
  • Trailers, Photos, and Additional Support Items. The goal is to compel retailers and wholesalers to buy DVDs of your film. The more information you can provide, the better your chances for success.

INCOME: Average will be 35% of the suggested list price.

COST: None. Included in the CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Package.