Getting That All-Important Theatrical Run

 “You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.” – Mae West
Elliott Grove, a highly-regarded film consultant, wrote the following in his article, INDIE TIPS: “Getting your film into cinemas costs a fortune. Advertising is very costly. Add to that the cost of PR and the cost of a theatrical release starts to look like the budget of a small nation. Remember, that the exhibitor (theater owner) takes a fair whack, and the distribution company will take a third off the top so the amount left in the pot from all those cinema admissions starts to shrivel.”

Elliott Grove’s points are right on target. And, so, here’s why our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program has become so popular:

  • One price covers everything. No surprises. No mysterious deductions. Our New York package starts at $9,900.00.
  • You’ll be guaranteed a theatrical opening at the Cinema Village in New York and/or a Laemmle theater in Los Angeles.
  • You’ll keep 100% of the box office income. This will automatically bring down your upfront cost.
  • The services of our publicist is included. He will  contact the film critics, write and transmit press releases, set up interviews, and compile and distribute production notes. Check out what a New York publicist would charge for doing this work.
  • Your film will be encoded and submitted to the major digital platforms.
  • Your film will be marketed to TV stations and networks, both domestic and international.
  • DVDs of your film will be marketed to retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries.

Elliott Grove’s comments can depress even filmmakers with the sunniest dispositions. But this need not be the case. Think CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION and be rejuvenated.

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