Film Distribution Can Be Affordable

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde
It used to be much easier for filmmakers in the good old days: make the film, hook up with a deep-pocketed distributor, get paid up front, and move on to your next film. Unless you have a track record, or a film featuring big stars, that scenario is unlikely to happen in 2015. The only recourse is to self-distribute, and that can be risky and very expensive.

Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program offers a viable option: a way to successfully and economically distribute your film. Here’s how:

* You’ll be guaranteed an opening in the Cinema Village in Manhattan—-no ifs, and, or buts. And you’ll keep 100% of the box office income.

* You’ll have a well-established, professional publicist handle the film.

* Your film will be encoded and submitted to the major digital platforms.

* Your film will be submitted to both domestic and international TV stations and networks.

* DVDs of your film will be marketed to major retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries.

And you get all this for a fixed price, starting at $9,900.00.

Remember this: since you will keep 100% of the box office income, your net cost will be reduced. Just the cost of a New York publicist and hiring a lab to encode your film for the digital platforms would cost thousands of dollars on the open market.

Check out our website, for more details.

So now you know: global distribution for your film can become a reality, and it can be affordable. Break open the champagne!

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