The Disc Isn’t Dead

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Napoleon Hill

On July 27th, The New York Times ran a timely article about Netflix and its continued success selling DVDs. In the headline, the Times asserted that “The Disc isn’t dead. Just more efficient.” As streaming booms, Netflix still pulls in a substantial profit from DVDs. Hank Breeggemann (that’s his name), general manager of Netflix’s DVD division, said that the Netflix DVD market continues to be a billion dollar business, offering over 93,000 titles and next-day delivery service to its subscribers.

Like Netflix, we continue to be very bullish about the sales potential for DVDs. Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION program includes the marketing of DVDs of your film to major retailers, schools, colleges, and libraries. And, best of all, our on-demand feature means you have no up-front cost and no risk.

Your film will be prepared and placed on a secure server, making it available for purchase and/or distribution on an on-demand basis. No inventory to maintain, no warehousing, no missed business opportunities, no waste, no risk.

In addition to our DVD Sales Program, for one set price, we offer all the features necessary for a successful launch of your film like a full one-week run at the Cinema Village in New York and/or a Laemmle theater in LA, the services of our superb publicist, TV sales and distribution, getting the film listed on the popular digital platforms, helping you qualify your film for an Oscar, and much more.

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