Film Distribution – Where’s the Hook?

Sheri Candler, a highly esteemed film writer and consultant, wrote the following in MovieMaker Magazine: “What’s your marketing hook? If you don’t know, you have some brainstorming to do. Hooks allow an audience to immediately recognize what is interesting about your story and decide whether they want to investigate further.”

Thousands of independent films are produced each year. Your film will face fierce competition for screen time, for acceptance on the most popular digital platforms and Cable VOD, and in the foreign markets. How do you find that elusive hook that will give your film an edge?

Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program ( includes two features that will give you two great hooks:

1. Your film will be booked for a full one-week run in the Cinema Village, a prestigious art house theater in New York and/or a Laemmle theater in Los Angeles. These two cities are the centers of the movie industry in North America.

2. Our publicist will contact the major film critics, write and transmit press releases, pitch for interviews, and compile and distribute production notes.

A successful theatrical run and good reviews are two sure ways of separating your film from the herd and giving it the exposure needed for success.

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