Our Super Triple Combo

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION has achieved a fine reputation by being able to guarantee a theatrical opening in New York and/or Los Angeles (with the filmmaker keeping 100% of the box office income) and providing a superb publicist to contact the critics, write press releases, set up interviews, and distribute production notes. Just these two services make our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program a real bargain.

But our package includes, for no extra charge, what I call our Super Triple Combo. These three services will give your film the lift it needs to be successful.

They are:

1. DIGITAL PLATFORMS. We’ll submit your film to the major platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Sony, and Google.

2. TV SALES and DISTRIBUTION. We’ll market your film to TV stations and networks, worldwide.

3. DVD SALES. DVDs are still popular with speciality retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries.

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