Are Film Schools Doing Their Job

Most film schools are doing a great job teaching their students how to make films. They have comprehensive courses covering screenwriting, directing, shooting scenes, and post-production editing. What most film schools do not teach their students is how to market their films once they are completed. Film school graduates rarely realize that the most difficult part of filmmaking is knowing how to market and sell their films once they are finished.

You can consider our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program a crash course in marketing films. Our Program will show you how to book your film in theaters (Lesson #1), getting the film reviewed (Lesson #2), selling DVDs in a very difficult market (Lesson #3), getting the film listed with the popular digital platforms and Cable VOD outlets (Lesson #4) and marketing the film overseas (Lesson #5).

Our website lists all of our features and costs. Remember our 50/50 Rule: Allocate 50% of your budget making the film and 50% marketing the film. Most film schools consider this rule a funny joke. Too bad!

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