Streaming Your Film – It’s The Future

In the corridors and boardrooms in every Hollywood studio, the message is reverberating loud and clear—streaming films is the future. Research by the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) found that for the first time, Americans spent more money streaming films than watching DVDs. In 2014, the combined sales of DVDs and Blu Ray discs hit $6.93 million. Streaming and video-on-demand sales grossed $7.53 million. Netflix has stated that by 2017, DVDs and those ubiquitous red envelopes, will be history. Every Netflix film will be streamed.

However, before you jump on the bandwagon, realize this: you are not the only smart one out there. Thousands of filmmakers are fighting feverishly to get their films listed on the most popular streaming platforms. Your job is two fold: (1) to make your film stand out from the herd and (2) to compel a great number of people to pay and view your film.

Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program will help you achieve these two vital goals by guaranteeing a theatrical run in a major art house theater in New York and/or Los Angeles and by providing a well-connected, professional publicist to contact the film critics (and get those all-important reviews), write and mail press releases, pitch for interviews, and compile and distribute production notes. Once done, our Program also includes the submission of your film to the most popular Digital/Cable VOD outlets.

Our website,, lists all of our features and our costs.

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