Ten Great Features, One Price

CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION is truly a one-call-does-it-all program for filmmakers looking to successfully and economically distribute their films.

For one set price, the program offers these ten features:

1. A one-week run at the Cinema Village in New York or at a Laemmle theater in Los Angeles. You keep 100% of the box office income.

2. The services of our well-connected publicist to contact the film critics, write and transmit press releases, set up interviews (where possible), and compile and distribute production notes.

3. Encoding and submitting your film to the major digital platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Google Play.

4. Preparing and submitting your film to cable stations like Comcast, Cox Communications, and Mediacom.

5. Selling your film to international T.V. stations like the BBC, Russia Today, and Channel 4 (UK).

6. Selling your film to domestic T.V. stations like A&E, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel.

7. Marketing DVDs of your film to retail outlets, schools, colleges, and libraries.

8. Setting up an Oscar Qualifying Package in New York or Los Angeles.

9. Arranging  a national distribution program in major U.S. cities.

10. Assistance in launching a Google AdWords campaign that includes the writing of the ad, selecting the keywords, and determining an appropriate budget.

That’s it. All ten features for one price. Check our website, www.cinemaflixdistribution.com, for more details.
Our best,

Elliott Kanbar
DIRECT LINE: 212-628-4990
DIRECT E-MAIL: eskanbar@aol.com

Donald Rabinovitch
Executive Vice President – International Sales & Business Development
DIRECT LINE: +1 914 645 1999
DIRECT E-MAIL: donald@cinemaflixdistribution.com

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