Streaming Is Becoming a Flood

Based on Consumer Reports’ most recent survey on streaming, “almost half of U.S. adults–47 percent—are watching programs streamed over the internet.”
It’s easy to see why this is so: People can now watch movies on a TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, and cellphone. It’s inexpensive and it’s convenient. You can be sure that in the corridors and boardrooms in every Hollywood studio, the message is reverberating loud and clear—-streaming films is the future.
However, before you jump on the bandwagon, realize this: you are not the only smart one out there. Thousands of filmmakers are fighting feverishly to get their films listed on the most popular streaming platforms. And the lucky ones that succeed must figure out how to compel viewers to watch their films.
Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program will give your film the boost it will need to succeed on the streaming platforms. It does so in three ways:
1. It will open the film in a prestigious art house theater in either New York and/or Los Angeles. This will give the film exposure and credibility.
2. It will provide a well-connected publicist to contact the film critics, write and transmit press releases, set up interviews, and compile and distribute production notes.
3. It will ensure that submissions to the digital outlets are compelling and technically correct. The #1 cause for rejections are flawed submissions.
Check out our website,, for more details and costs.

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