Streaming Films in 190 Countries

“I don’t try to guess what a million people will like. It’s hard enough to know what I like.” – John Huston

Earlier this month, Reed Hasting, CEO of Netflix, announced that Netflix is now available in 190 countries. Among the first to sign up was the tiny Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar. “They must have good internet connections,” Mr. Hastings joked in a recent interview.

In the corridors and boardrooms in every Hollywood studio, the message is reverberating loud and clear—streaming films is the future. However, before you jump on the bandwagon, realize this: you are not the only smart one out there. Thousands of filmmakers are fighting feverishly to get their films listed on the most popular streaming platforms. Your job is twofold: (1) to make sure your film stands out from the herd and (2) If listed, to compel a great number of people to view your film.

Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program will help you reach both goals by guaranteeing you a one-week run in a prestigious theater in New York and/or Los Angeles and by providing you with a professional, well-connected publicist to contact the film critics, write and send press releases, set up interviews (when possible), and compile and distribute production notes. This will give your film the push and the exposure it needs to succeed in this fabulous world of streaming. Grab it!

In addition, our program will market your film to the major digital platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Sony, and Google.

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