Cinema Village now supports 2K DCP in all the screens. If you decide to supply a DCP, you MUST also provide a Blu-ray or video file backup. This would be used only in the event of a DCP failure.

If your DCP is encrypted, please find our Servers information for making KDM’s below:

Screen 1 Server info
Server serial number: 272557
Make: Doremi IMB
Model: ShowVault

Screen 2 Server info
Server serial number: 332953
Make: Doremi IMB
Model: NP-90MS01

Screen 3 Server info
Server serial number: 332984
Make: Doremi IMB
Model: NP-90MS01
We highly prefer to receive DCP’s on CRU Drives. This cuts down on ingestion time, but our server is also capable of ingesting from a USB cable.

Screen 2 & 3 servers only capable of ingesting from a USB cable or eSATA.


Cinema Village can currently support Quicktime files in most codecs. However, we highly prefer Apple ProRes 422 HQ at 1920 x 1080.

Note: We support 5.1 audio in all the screens.

There should be at LEAST 5 seconds of SILENT BLACK at the head of the file, and 10 seconds at the end. Please no reference tone or title plates – the files are added to a playlist and will be on screen from start to end. This applies to trailers as well, although 5 seconds at the beginning and end would be sufficient.

Quicktime (QTs) should be supplied on a data DVD or Firewire/USB drive for transfer to our internal drive for playback. QTs will be deleted at the end of the run. A backup Blu-ray or standard definition DVD should also be supplied. We are not responsible for corrupted files. We recommend a 72 hour period for a tech check beforehand. We also recommend that the transport drive stay at the theater for the entirety of the run. Although we will copy the file to our server, it is a good idea to have a back-up of the file on hand.

Please do not add reference bars and tone or title plates to your disc. 5 seconds of black before the first frame of your film is ideal. It’s a good idea to assume that everything on the disc will be on screen. Avoid Menus if possible and please do not set the disc to loop at the end. 30 seconds of black at the end would be preferable. Audio is capable of 2-channel Stereo, pro-logic, Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 which would be downgraded to Dolby 5.1.

Note: We support 5.1 audio in all the screens. One disc with both stereo LT/RT and 5.1 tracks is also acceptable, although a backup duplicate of the disc is highly recommended in any case.