Google Adwords

film distribution companiesGoogle AdWords is a superb and very economical way to advertise your film. You should do so only if (1) your film is a documentary, (2) it’s a feature film that focuses on a specific timely issue, (3) it’s DVDs are available on your website, and (4) the film is available on one of the popular streaming platforms.

Millions around the world access Google every day to get information about a product, a service, an event, and even about a film.

Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Package helps you set up an effective GoogleAdWords Campaign. We do so in the following ways:

  • Selecting the keywords. The keyword is the subject people Google to obtain information. If your film is about alcohol abuse, a logical keyword would be “Remedies for Alcoholism.” When a viewer Googles this keyword, a listing will appear on the screen of the many websites and ads that deal with this subject. You want your ad to be included in this listing.
  • Writing and placing the ads. This requires a special skill as not every ad submitted appears on the Google page.
  • Determining the minimum budget. This will be a factor in the placement of the ad on the Google page.
  • Google AdWords is considered the most efficient form of advertising for the following reasons:
  • You pay only if someone clicks your ad (called pay-per-click). You decide how much you want to pay for each click.
  • You can set a monthly cap on the amount you want to spend.
  • You can revise your ads anytime and test them for effectiveness.
  • You can cancel the campaign anytime with no penalty.

INCOME: When viewers click your ad, the film’s website will appear on the screen. The website will have comprehensive information about the film, a trailer, and, most importantly, instructions on ordering DVDs or for streaming the film.

COST. None. Included in the CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Package.