Oscar Qualifying Package

Check the Academy’s website, www.oscars.org, for details about their requirements.

We offer an Oscar Qualifying Package for documentaries and feature films. Documentaries require a one-week run in both New York and Los Angeles. A feature film requires a one-week run only in Los Angeles.

The NY Oscar Qualifying Package Includes:

  • Theatrical Run. A full one-week run at the Cinema Village, four shows per day. The first show cannot begin before 12:00 noon and the last show cannot start after 10:00 p.m. You’ll keep 100% of the box office income. In Los Angeles, the film will be booked in a Laemmle theater.
  • Projection. In DCP. You must provide the hard drive.
  • Publicist. Our well-connected publicist will contact the film critics, write and mail press releases, pitch for interviews, and compile and distribute production notes. The Academy requires that the film be reviewed either in New York (The New York Times) or Los Angeles (The Los Angeles Times).
  • Ad. A 1 inch x 2 inch ad will be placed in the Village Voice. In Los Angeles the ad will be placed in the LA Weekly. Confirmation Letters Provided. As required by the Academy.
  • Digital Platforms. Your film will be encoded and submitted to the major digital platforms. Click digital platforms.
  • No Risk DVD Sales. DVDs of your film will be marketed to retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries. Your film will be prepared and placed on secure servers, making it available for purchase and/or distribution on an on-demand basis. No inventory to maintain, no warehousing, no missed business opportunities, no waste.
  • Cable VOD.  Your film will be encoded and submitted to the Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Click Cable VOD outlets.
  • Confirmation Letter. Confirmation letters required by the Academy will be provided.


Theater #1 (156 seats): $13,200.00

Theater #2 or Theater #3 (67 seats): $11,490.00